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Our Story

Strong Tower Baptist Church began in February 2021 as Sure Foundation Baptist Church UK, a Satellite Church of Sure Foundation Baptist Church in Vancouver, Washington, USA under Pastor Aaron Thompson.


It started as a group of Soulwinners from the South East of England that were regularly meeting up for Soulwinning Marathons whilst still attending their various Baptist Churches. The marathons eventually turned into monthly meetings with fellowship and preaching, being led by Brother Ian Taverner.


Knowing how desperate the UK was for real Soulwinning, King James Bible Only, Hard Preaching, Uncompromising Churches, Pastor Aaron Thompson from Sure Foundation Baptist Church, Vancouver, WA started preparing the group to become one of his Satellite Ministries.


In January 2021 the group started meeting weekly on Saturdays and then in February 2021 they started their first Sunday services as Sure Foundation Baptist Church UK with Brother Ian Taverner as the Satellite Leader.


On 23rd August 2023, Pastor Taverner was ordained and the church became a fully Independent church, Strong Tower Baptist Church

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